A Word from Dr. Mike – 8.23.22

This month’s message series is titled Forward Faith. We selected this theme as we anticipate the beginning of construction of our new campus the first of September.

What is faith? How come it is so difficult for us to define the word? Let’s compare.

When I mention the word “hamburger,” you develop a mental picture in your brain. Why? Hamburger is a “concrete” noun. You can see it, touch it, taste it, and smell it. You can also hear it as it sizzles while being cooked.

When I mention the word “faith,” you don’t develop a mental picture in your brain. Why not? Faith is an “abstract” noun. Your 5 physical senses cannot detect it.

So, to give us a definition of “faith,” the writer in Hebrews wrote in chapter 11:1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Look at the phrase “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for.” What does this mean? Here it is: Faith is the ground on which we build our confidence that GOD will fulfill His promises in the future.

That is what we mean by the word “assurance.” For example, I have the personal assurance that I am going to heaven when I die. Can I prove it scientifically? No. So how do I know? JESUS’ statement in John 3:16 settles the issue. I have the assurance I am going to heaven when I die because I believe what JESUS said. By faith, I am totally assured that what JESUS said is true.

Commentator David Guzik said, “The Bible doesn’t recommend a “blind leap” of faith. But the reasons can’t be measured in a laboratory; they have to be understood “spiritually.”

Then verse 11 says “Faith is…the evidence of things not seen.”

R. T. Kendall wrote, “One is convinced that one will see them; one is truly persuaded that one will see them. But one does not see them at the moment.

Therefore, faith is “not seeing the tangible.” If one sees what one previously had been waiting for, it ceases to be called faith. Until what one was waiting for literally appears, such waiting is graced with the title “faith.”

So, faith is the only evidence we have of yet unfulfilled promises. Faith, therefore, is expectancy.

Redemption Hills total campus relocation has truly been a journey of faith. We have trusted GOD every step of the way, in spite of all the obstacles we have experienced. When the building is finished, and we join together in it for the first time to praise and glorify GOD, we will truly experience the reward of our faith.

A song of yesteryear was titled, “We’ve Come This Far By Faith.” And truly we have in our journey! Like you, I can’t wait to see this faith journey consummated on the date when enter the church building GOD is providing for us!

Pastor Mike

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