How do people find Jesus? – A Word from Dr. Mike

The Institute of American Church Growth asked over 10,000 Christians this question: “What was responsible for your coming to faith in CHRIST?” Here are the responses: 

· A special need – 2% 

· I just walked into a church building – 4% 

· I liked the pastor – 6% 

· I liked the Sunday School – 5% 

· I attended a revival service – 1% 

· I liked the church programs – 3% 

· A friend or relative invited/reached me – 79% 

Reflect upon your decision to become a follower of JESUS. What was responsible for your coming to faith in CHRIST? Statistics state that 79% of us were influenced to repent and believe by a friend or relative. 

This past Sunday I taught a Life Group Bible study from John 1. In verses 35-51, the Word of GOD reveals the significance of relationships in reaching people with the good news of the gospel. Let’s take a look at selected references. 

Verses 41-42a state, “He (Andrew) first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, “We have found the Messiah (which is translated, the CHRIST).’ And he brought him to JESUS.” 

Then, in John 1: 45-46, GOD’s Word says, “Philip found Nathanael and said to him, ‘We have found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets wrote – JESUS of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.’” And Nathanael said to him, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’ Philip said to him, ‘Come and see.’” 

Andrew brought his brother to JESUS. Philip found his friend Nathanael and told him about JESUS. Nathanael had a question. Philip then invited him to “come and see” JESUS for himself. In both instances, Andrew and Philip, new disciples of JESUS, are seeking to bring others to faith in JESUS. 

Satan seeks to convince us all unchurched people are resistant to the gospel. But a survey of unchurched Americans revealed the following as true… 

· 5% of unchurched Americans are resistant and antagonistic 

· 21% of unchurched Americans are resistant 

· 36% of unchurched Americans are neutral 

· 27% of unchurched Americans are receptive 

· 11% of unchurched Americans are highly receptive 

This survey reveals that 3 out of 4 unchurched Americans are open/receptive to hearing a gospel presentation. According to the survey, 11% are waiting right now for someone to tell them about JESUS. So, let’s pray for GOD to give us opportunities to share the gospel with lost people. In most instances, witnessing is like planting, tending, and harvesting a garden. Using this analogy, Paul wrote in I Corinthians 3:6, “I planted, Apollos watered, but GOD gave the increase.” Let’s be all about planting and watering the seed – that is, sharing the gospel. Then let’s pray for GOD to give the increase, that is, for GOD to bring salvation to those who are lost. 

Pastor Mike

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