He knows our needs – A Word from Dr. Mike

One of the most remarkable Christian leaders in American history was D. L. Moody. I’ve had the privilege of touring the home in which he was born in Northfield, Massachusetts. His ministry memorabilia was located in one of the rooms. Although he only had a 6th grade education, GOD used D. L. Moody to see over 1 million persons to come to faith in JESUS through his ministry in the 1800’s. 

Dr. Moody was truly a man of faith. He believed in the power of prayer. Read this testimonial that he wrote about the faithfulness of GOD in answering prayer. 

“At the World’s Fair in 1894, I was holding an evangelistic campaign. A large sum of money was required, so I knelt by my desk and cried out to GOD for help. ‘LORD, You know I need $3,000 today,’ I said. ‘I must have it, and I’m too busy with Your work to go out and get it myself. Please send it to me. Thank you, LORD, I know You will!’” 

“I then went on to complete the day’s schedule. That evening as the audience was gathering for the 1st session, a young woman came to an usher, saying she wished to speak to me. She was told that the meeting was about to begin, and I wouldn’t have time to see her until later, but she insisted on coming to the platform anyway. Reaching up, she handed me an envelope. I hastily put it in my pocket and started the service. That night at dinner I remembered the incident, opened the letter, and found it contained a check for $3,000! It was the answer to my simple, earnest prayer.” 

A few days later Moody learned that the lady originally planned to give only $1,000 but had reconsidered and changed it to $2,000. Just before leaving for the meeting, however, she was deeply impressed with the thought that the amount still was not sufficient. So, tearing up the second check, she wrote another for $3,000 – the exact sum that Moody needed. 

Psalm 34:15 declares, “The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry.” Philippians 4:19 states, “But my GOD shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by CHRIST JESUS.” 

As our new church building/campus is being constructed, the most critical element in this process is prayer. You and I as the people of GOD called Redemption Hill must pray fervently for GOD to provide miraculously for the financial needs for the construction of this building. Let’s also pray for GOD to use us as people at The Hill to give generously and sacrificially so that GOD’s will is done in the completion of the new building. 

Pastor Mike

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